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Tʜᴇʀᴇ·s ɴᴏ ᴛᴜʀɴɪɴɢ ʙᴀᴄᴋ || sᴇᴄʀᴇᴛᴜs﹣ʀᴇɢɪɴᴀᴍ


        It was always during this general time of the day where people flood the streets. A variety of bodies clashing against one another, pushing by as they attempted to expedite in order to reach their set destination. Others took their precious time in enjoying the scenery. After all, the day was one of beauty. Just the right climate, clear skies. Endless places to go. To see. Dainty hands remained underneath crossed arms, azuline eyes remaining on the pavement beneath. Having taken the long way once again proved to be bliss. It meant a time of solace. Reticence. Not many people took this path, becoming quite the thinking area for the young blonde as she trekked home; right along the outskirts of town. 

                          Such peace…

        That was so until an eerie feeling fell over Elsa, causing her to halt in her tracks. Thick. Murky. Demonic. The presence came down on her hard, leaving her immobile. Unable to move from the spot she stood in. Something was near. No. It had already approached, casting an oversized shadow that loomed over her. Slowly did she turn on her heel, chest tightening, giving off the impression that it would cave in. Assuming she wouldn’t be consumed by the beast first. Empty sockets stared down at her, lips twisted in a menacing smile. Clearly in search of something to devour. And it had found its source. The shrill roar that emitted from within caused Elsa to stumble, tripping over the uneven pavement due to a large tree root. A hiss in pain sounded, the palm of her pale hand having gotten scraped.

        Her eyes widened as a massive foot landed just a couple feet from her, constructing a shallow crater. It leaned forward, chest and abdomen vibrating and disturbing the atmosphere. Laughter. This was sure to be the end of the young girl. Yet her body wouldn’t allow it, the atmosphere dropping in temperature. An automatic defense mechanism. No witnesses. Maybe she could fight this thing. Fruitless. Too much fear surged through her. Couldn’t use the abilities she was plagued with. Only able to let out a scream. A dire cry for help.

         But who would hear?


              ◂ ❀ ▸ Every day for a Shinigami was that of turmoil. Knowing what their orders and what their heart wanted them to do instead, if it were up to the Seireitei no Shinigami would be lead off the path of their main mission. Rangiku was known for jutting off the path of what she’d been ordered to do, saving souls in regions that weren’t assigned to her; that was her biggest battle.  The lecture that was always there when she’d return to the Soul Society along with complaints of those who had been assigned the area she had found her way into. How was she supposed to just let a soul struggle, crying, shaking, or otherwise? It was her duty as a soldier to the dead to protect them, help them cross over. When the Seireitei’s conduit had altered from the original, she wasn’t sure.

Pushing off the alley way below, blonde curls floating around her as she touched down on the ratty roof top of some run down building sapphire eyes wandering over the scenery to try and find the silhouette of the beast. Where was it? Even though her gaze could not see far enough over the edifices she knew It was there. Feet steadied themselves, readying for the next few dismounts; landing gracefully every time she descended.  Finding a perch atop a utility pole, she persistently scoured the area. Still with no sight of the perpetrator, where in the world was it?

With the air beginning to chill, Rangiku shrugged it off. This was no time to mind the cold. That was when she heard it, the bellow of a beast. It’s shaking laughter creating vibrations throughout the entire area.  Cerise lips curled up into a half smirk, hand covering just above her brow to look once more. ❝ There you are. ❞ Breath hitched in her throat, fingers now gripping the burgundy hilt of her Zanpakutou. Only did she falter a few seconds later, the scream resonating in her ears to the point it sent a chill down her spine. This was no soul, this was a child. Pearled teeth gritted together, grinding as rage filled her entire being. Feet snapping into action, toes pressing hard against the wooden structure below. Floating up into the air before scraping to a halt on the street below, shunpoing through every corner it took till she was upon the scene.


Her own form of a thundering growl formed, fingers breaking Haineko free of her sheath. ❝ Why don’t you pick on someone your own size this time, hm? ❞ Angry voice echoing off of the emptied street. With the animal turning towards her, she was upon it within seconds. Just like a mother lion would for its cubs, cold steel biting into the cream colored mask that covered its gnarled face. Even with her bones shaking in indignation, she could appreciate the beauty of the situation before her. A hollow disintegrating into thin air, moving forward to the afterlife it had been denied when it turned. That was pure grandeur, one that parried everything she knew.

Turning on her heel, sight now latched onto the frightened girl. A soft smile brightening her features while she moved with grace towards her. Rosy fingers became outstretched as the older woman’s palm was held outright, offering to assist her back to her feet to perform the konsou. Soon eyelids shut slightly, becoming squinted as they accessed the pale blonde before her. No chain? Why was their no chain? Every soul that was left in the world had a chain that had once tethered them to their living body.

                                                     ❝ You’re human? ❞


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                                       —and { fight } in their h o n o r.

ᴊᴜsᴛ ᴍʏ ʟᴜᴄᴋ (AU)


       regaining consciousness, warm  crimson  liquid  cascaded  past
         his pallid cheeks,    staining the wheel of his car———    crimson blotches  
         marred his pants.   vision slightly bleary,  cold digits roughly kneaded his
         closed eyelids— coughing as ulquiorra sat upright in his seat.  there was
         a vexatious ringing in his ears as he refrained from wincing, an emerald
         eye unintentionally roved towards the cracked windshield of his car. had
         he gotten into an accident?   a car crash?  however, the sight before him
         disconcerted him.

         what waited before him was unlike anything he’d ever witnessed.

         that’s  when  he  remembered how  he  managed to  get himself into this

       hours earlier, everyone received word of an epidemic, warning them
         all to evacuate and head to the nearest state.    there  were  people  getting
         eaten alive by others who seemed sickly—   infected with an unknown virus.
         people were warned to avoid contact  with the infected seeing as they were
         aggressive and would attack without warning.     that was ulquiorra’s cue to
         leave immediately,          to live and was fortunate enough to be living alone.
         not be burdened with loved ones or family, unlike the rest of them all.

         hastily, he made way to his car, making his way to the bridge. along the way,
         a number of desperate people attempted to hitch a ride with him——   ask for
         his help,  in which he blatantly ignored their desperate pleas,  getting closer
         and closer to the bridge.

         however, a car had collided against his before he knew it.

       which brought him   back here, practically drenched in his own blood,
         witnessing the chaos first-hand.       a woman banged violently against his
         window, startling him, slowly turning his head to meet her gaze. a string of
         obscenities assaulted his ears before   she begged for him to open up as 
         she choked on her tears. all ulquiorra could do was stare silently,      mind
         drawing  up  blanks  when  this  fear-stricken  woman  was   assaulted  by
         someone— something. it mauled her like a lion would with it’s prey.       the
         woman could no longer scream but could only choke on her own blood as
         her neck was severely bit by this thing, feasting on her flesh greedily—   the
         light in her eyes gone.

         that’s when the gears in his head turned.

         this was the perfect opportunity to get away,    on foot,     and look for a safe
         place to hide. anywhere to get away from that. 

       luckily he packed   some things before leaving his complex.      snacks,
         water bottles, and first aid kits.      rummaging silently in his backseat,     he 
         managed to find a bat,     possibly belonged to his boss’s kid when he gave
         him a ride home once. grabbing ahold of any last minute necessities,
         dumping them into his bookbag,  ulquiorra silently and carefully checked to
         see if that thing was still distracted before making his way out of his car with
         some difficulty—  seeing as the door next to him was completely busted due
         to the crash, which left him to exit through the trunk of his car——  making his
         way through the thick wall of trees.


         little did  he know  there was a horde  of  those  flesh-eating  things  behind,
         where he had crashed at— and not just one.  if he had turned back once,  he
         would have seen just how lucky he was to make it out alive there.

        One. Two. Three.
                                     Four. Five. Six.

        A bite to the neck was always fatal if deep enough, she’d known that since the day she’d gotten out of medical school. The man who’d taken the blow before she could calculate what was happening laid on the floor twitching as blood gurgled from the open wound on his neck. Silver locks stained pink. What was going on? Why was she woken up like this? And what was that thing?

         Seven. Eight. Nine. 
                                          T  E  N. 

Tear stained cheeks looked at the murder scene before her, legs shaking barely able to pull herself up off the white tile floor. Bare feet refusing to grab traction on the now soaked surface. The replay of the event ran on and on within her head. Refusing to stop playing as fragile hands looked for the closest weapon on the counter top, stifling a scream as her ankle was latched onto by something. Butcher knife in hand from the chopping block rammed down into the head of the beast that had taken on the form of her once beloved husband to be. It’s cooled fingers releasing her now bruised ankle like she’d killed the already dead.

                   There was never a time she’d not been shaken awake,
                   always early in the morning refusing to get a start on
                   her day. Something was different about today, today
                   she was being pulled free of the blankets that sheltered
                   her from the outside world. Cold, shaking fingers wrapping
                   around behind her knees carrying her bridal style out of
                   the bed.
Gin, five more minutes.  
                   The words that were  whispered, shook her awake.
❝ There isn’t no five more minutes today Ran-chan. ❞
                   What was he talking about? No five more minutes today?
                   Bare feet met the cold crystal tile of their just remodeled
                   kitchen, knees shaking as she shivered in the cold
                   morning air that seeped in from last night’s open window
                   Yawning as all around her he moved like a bee, throwing
                   things into his camping bag. Hearing the glass shatter to
                   her left she almost let out a scream had not pale slender
                   fingers wrapped around her lips to muffle it. 

                  A smell of rot was upon them like a nuclear bomb had
                  gone off in their small rental home and it was coming right
                  for her. Like a scene from a bad horror movie played over
                  and over in slow motion, silver locks were floating in front
                  of her to shield her. Even when the beast was on him, he
                  didn’t stop fighting. The pointed end of a screw driver
                  ramming through rotted flesh and greasy wet hair, blood
                  the color of
brown splashing onto the floor as it fell while
                  a puddle of crimson followed. Gurgling words muffled as
                  that same iron liquid filled his air ways.  
❝ Remember not
                  to scream Ran-chan. ❞

Morning dew still coated the grass outside, children’s play sets squeaked in the cooling breeze that floated around her. She didn’t dare look back, only kept running for the woods. The blood covered butcher knife in hand with the half filled camping bag in the other. Tears were streaming down her cheeks making it hard to see, dead leaves crunching under foot as she ran. Not even looking ahead of her either. Rangiku didn’t know what was going on, what had just happened or why she was told not to scream. Breathing hard, numbed bleeding feet still pushing off the ground. Before long without even knowing it, she was colliding head on with something hard; knocking the breath out of her self, knife going off to the left buried in leaves. Perriwinkle colored eyes wild as she looked at the bloodied faced male in front of her, trying her hardest to gather her words. 

                                                    ❝ Jus- Just stay away! ❞